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We believe in team work, collaboration and our passion. If you believe you can help us out and want to be part of a great team you can let us know using the form down bellow.

Positions you may apply for:

  • Content Creator
  • Graphics Designer
  • Visual Effects Artist
  • Music Composer or Creator
  • Unity, C# or Javascript Developer


 Content Creator:

Your role as a Content Creator will be to create content for your own channel, but under the Creativity group name. In return you will receive support, banners and promotion through our website and social media. You still retain full copyrights for all your work, but you will let us use your content to promote our network and you. Also you are recommended to use our “a Creativity channel” overlay on your youtube banner to enforce our network strength.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Good quality videos, both content and technical quality.

 Graphics Designer:

Your role as a graphics designer will be to create promotional posters and thumbnails for our content. This is not a paid job, however you will be credited through our social media and films, and may receive job opportunities from our clients.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Good Knowlege of Adobe Photoshop
  • Good Artistic Eye
  • Ability to generate ideas based on briefs

 Visual Effects Artist:

Your role as a Visual Effects Artist will be to assist Creativity in creating elaborate visual effects sequences for our own short films, but also for our clients.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Good Knowledge of Compositing Software (After Effects, Nuke, Fusion etc)
  • Good eye for realistically merging computer generated or live action elements


  • Good Knowlege of a 3D package (Cinema 4D, Maya, 3DS Max, Lightwave, Blender)
  • Good Ability in one of the following: 3D Modeling, Rigging, Animation, Lighting, FX, Motion Graphics

 Music Composer or Creator:

If you create original music, in any shape or form and want to see it in our productions you may apply for the music composer or creator role. You still own copyrights to everything you create, but you grant us the right to use your music in our content, and you will be credited fully in any of our productions that use your music. We may also collaborate on tracks and share ideas.

There are no minimum requirements, as long as you sent us your music and prove that you own all copyrights.


Unity, C# or Javascript Developer

We are currently expanding our work to video game design and we need Unity Level Designers and C# or Javascript Developers. We currenly work with Bitbucket for our source control, and plan on deploying our work on Windows, Mac and Android

Minimum Requirements:

  • Familiarity with Unity’s C# programming language or Unity’s Javascript programming language


  • Experience with Unity3D, level design or game mechanics.
Disclaimer: This is not a paid job application. However from time to time if your skills are needed in paid projects, you may be offered a paid position.

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