Creativity Group is a group of content creators collaborating with each other to create better content for you!

Why join us?

This is what you get for joining
  • Support with Channel Branding (logos, banners)
  • Opportunities to collaborate with our other channels
  • Access to our royalty free music collection (Creativity Music for Video)
  • Cross channel promotions (you may be featured on outros or receive a shoutout)
  • Advertising opportunities may be re-directed to you if relevant


What you need to do
  • Create interesting original videos (we don’t care about views or how often, just make cool stuff)
  • Do not infringe on other people’s copyright
  • Play fair (no nasty comments or videos)
  • Add a “a member of Creativity Group” badge to your youtube banner
  • Allow us to use your content in order to promote the group (don’t worry, you keep all copyrights)

Who are we?

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Our Channels

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Creativity Films is a production group and has been making short films since 2008. Up until now it has made over 20 shorts, and is characterised by its spirit of collaboration that can be seen on shoots, and by its heavy use of post production techniques. The group’s most successful project “Friendship’s Obstacle” has received over 100.000 views on Youtube.

Want to become part of the group?

If you create interesting content and would like to participate in our group program send us your channel! Just make sure to apply as a “Content Creator”

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