Potamia Carnival 2015 Ad

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Skills Production and Post Production

Project Description

Client: Laographic Association of Potamia “DIONISOS”
Written and Directed by: Thomas Doukinitsas
Cast: Maria Prodromou, Giorgos Petridis, Tasos Paschalis, Panagiotis Goutas, Giannis Kazaras
Editing, VFX, Color Grading and Sound Mix: Thomas Doukinitsas

“Tha Sou Xorepsoume Tranquila”
Performed by: Thomas Doukinitsas
Also Performed by: Tasos Paschalis, Giorgos Petridis, Giannis Kazaras, Maria Prodromou
Lyrics by: Kostas Giannakoudis
Produced by: RecHouseMusic
Recorded and Mixed by: Thomas Doukinitsas

Creativity Design worked with DIONISOS again to promote Potamia’s Carnival. Continuing on from our previous collaboration with the association, we ask the question of if “Dionisos”, the carnival mascot will return to his home carnival. To bring this idea to life we used some advanced visual effects and our new Raw workflow using DaVinci Resolve.

A cut down 45 second version was also created for our communication sponsor ENA Channel.

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