The Team

Our content creators.
Thomas Doukinitsas
Filmmaker and Founder

I’ve been experimenting with cameras since i was 13… i think it’s only natural that i’m still making films.

Featured Work

Φίλοι... Μετ' Εμποδίων

Featured Work

ΤΟ ΤΕΛΟΣ ΤΟΥ ZEROLAND! (Minecraft: Zeroland) S01E08 ΦΙΝΑΛΕ

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Here you will find Antonis’s content incuding gameplay videos, machinimas and vlogs.

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Nikos Synathis
Novi Kakitsou
Producer and Co-Director

People that have contributed significantly:

Chrissa Nekevari
Argyro Papageorgiou
Elisavet Anastasiadou
Kiriakos Pilidis
Antonis Ksognos

Kenneth Mäki

Collaborators & Artists

Pantelis Kasdaglis
Graphic Designer

Pantelis has designed some of our most successful posters, such as “Scream: The Return” and “Friendship’s Obstacle”. He has also helped with some matte paintings and graphic design throughout our personal and client projects.

Akira Shitamori
3D Artist

Akira joined recently to help us out with some heavy animation projects for antonisx007gr

Dimitris Chatzimalis
Cinematographer & Editor

Dimitris has been a strong crew member throughout our “Pame Thasso” tv shows, with his exceptional camera and direction skills

Lisander Quori
3D Artist and Motion Graphics

Lisander has been with us throughout the ENA channel rebranding, and has some strong skills in experimental animation and motion graphics

Dimitris Papadimitriou
Junior Graphic Designer

Dimitris is our junior graphic designer, and is currently working on our projects, providing logos and graphic design elements

George Dovas
3D Artist

George, also known as ArashiFX joined us to help out with some animations for an upcoming project for AntonisX007GR

Special thanks to My Air Bridge for providing us with the capacity to transfer data between our clients.

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